Hydraulink Branded Hose

We stock a the full range of high quality Italian made Hydraulink Branded Hoses.

  • Extremely High Pressure Hose
  • High Pressure Hose
  • Medium Pressure Hose
  • Water Jetting Hose

See Hydraulink Australia’s Website for all products

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Hydraulic Fittings

We stock a full range of Hydraulic fittings, valves and couplings right here in Cairns.

Hydraulink Branded Hydraulic Fittings

BSP Taper, BSP Parallel, JIC, UNO, NPT, SAE, ORFS, SAE Flanges, Banjo, joiners, Field Attachable Hose Fittings, Push on Couplings, Adapters, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Quick Release Couplings and many more.

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Hydraulic Hose – Various Other Brands & Types

  • Extremely High Pressure Hose
  • High Pressure Hose
  • Medium Pressure Hose
  • Low Pressure Hose
  • PTFE Hose
  • Thermoplastic Hose
  • Paint Spray Hose
  • Water Blasting Hose
  • General Purpose Hydraulic Hose
  • LPG Hose
  • Automotive Hose

Speedflow Performance Hose & Fittings

We are the North QLD distributor for Speedflow Performance Hoses and Fittings. We stock a full range of hoses and fittings for your performance project right here in Cairns.

Speedflow deliver quality Australian Made hose fittings to the performance aftermarket industry.

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Aussie Custom Kits

100% Australian Made and Supplied Custom Kits.  Aussie Custom Kits are popular with service professionals, mechanics, hydraulics technicians, home handymen, and enthusiasts.

  • Air Brake Kits
  • Diff Breather Kits
  • Dowty Washer & Copper Washer Kits
  • Grey Nomad Kits
  • Hydraulic Plugs & Caps Kits
  • O’Ring Kits
  • Power Steering Hoses
  • Pressure Cleaner Hoses
  • Remote Grease Line Kits
  • Boat and Outboard Steering Line Kits

Click here to see the full range of Aussie Custom Kits

Industrial Hoses

We stock a  huge range of industrial hoses for all industries and applications.

  • Multipurpose Hose
  • Air water Delivery Hose
  • Suction Oil and Delivery Hose
  • Air Induction Hose
  • Purosil Hoses
  • Industrial Hose Clamps

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Marine Hoses & Fittings

  • Wet Exhaust Hoses
  • Purosil Hoses
  • Marine Hose Clamps & Fittings

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Hose Clamps

We stock a huge range of hose clamps for all applications.

  • Perforated Hose Clamps
  • Non Perforated Hose Clamps
  • T Bolt Clamps
  • Constant Tension Clamps
  • Efi Clamps

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Hydraulic Oil, Grease, Consumables

We are a distributor for Hi-Tec oils and carry a large range in stock

  • Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils
  • Hi-Tec Engine Oils
  • Hi-Tec Synthetic Oils
  • Hi-Tec Greases

We also carry the full range of  Hydraulink Branded Oils, Greases, Cleaners and consumables.

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